Meet Jennifer K. Spears, professional, entrepreneur, self- care advocate, Founder and CEO of The African Violet, LLC and self-proclaimed Servant Leader. A native of Spartanburg, SC, Jennifer is a proud alum of the University of South Carolina-Upstate, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, further developing her affinity to health, wellness, and self-care. She later advanced her education, earning a Master’s Level degree in Human Resources Development.

After earning her certification as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jennifer opened The African Violet, a practice focusing on the importance of living whole, healthy, and happy. On a quest to live a life of complete health, Jennifer began her vegetarian journey in 2016, and began writing about her experience. She continues to share of her healthy way of living in her blog appropriately titled, The Curvy Vegetarian, promoting self-love and body consciousness.   

Though her resume boasts of extensive skills and experience, Jennifer’s genuine passion is service and self-care, which is evident in her work and dedication to community service. As an active, international missionary, Jennifer has traveled and served in Haiti, Uganda, and Kenya, offering her time for evangelism, medical care, and service. As a self-care advocate, she is intentional about taking time to do things that she enjoys which includes: baking, spending time with family, and blogging.

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